A discovery of vampires trilogy

When Amber Evans is transformed into a vampire and taken away from her life as one New Yorks most popular socialites,she is faced with a life of unwanted immortality. As Amber comes to terms with what she has become , she goes in search of the person who transformed her. All is not what it seems and Amber is forced to follow her own intuition .

On her journey she meets another young vampire, Lucia, who is dealing with her own haunting past. Together they discover a world of magic and intense romance .Together they must choose between the forces of good and evil. Will they find love in the arms of two half breeds Joel and Colin? Will they find the ones responsible for their horrible pasts?

Book 2 Closer

                                                                Book 3 Working Title

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                                                       Before the curtain 
As the manager sits before a performance, as the critics wait like hungry dogs to rip apart the performance, they all become entwined in the theatrics of it all. The public stands outside the great building in lavish gowns and over the top suits and top hats. They flourish in their vanity and ambition to be the next best thing.Welcome to the world of pretense. It’s a moral one with many faces and people who have been to a few too many places. I'm one of those people. I stand in the crowd I laugh out loud, I wave my hands and sometimes, just for a single moment, buy into the surealness of it all. 

After all the big talk and mindless gossiping we go inside to laugh and hide and then to mock the performance of a very rigid man with a story. He was a magician of sorts who cut woman into pieces and put them back together. To them the mortal beings who find this all too amusing it's all a story, a performance, a play, a theatrical piece of sorts, or just another literary game. However, I'm here to tell you dear reader that there is always more than meets the eye. 
That is why I have no other moral, but to tag this book as "afterlife". Some people consider the afterlife all but a mindless conspiracy theory. They see nothing but their own mortality and plot that there is nothing beyond this plain old earth than dust and fog. Dear reader, what you are about to read will shock and frustrate you, but I have no other choice but to tell you this tale. What more have I a historian of sorts to say but, let the curtain rise. 

France, September 21, 1951