Friday, April 1, 2011

Book publishing delay

Hi everyone

My ebook edition of "Afterlife" the 1st installment in "the discovery of vampires trilogy" has been delayed until next week. The reason is purely because I needed to get the book edited a 2nd time and a 3rd time...It will be available next week ...I PROMISE ! The paperback is available in South African stores but not in the US...However, I will make it available on and in the near future...If you really want a physical copy I can send one your way all the way from sunny South Africa. Another thing that I would reaaaaaaly like to bring to everyone's attention is the fact that I decided to change the book names around for the US and UK markets....Afterlife will now be the 1st book in the series and Bound the 2nd book..

Furthermore, the Delicious series will be made available in 2 weeks on Kindle. I'm really ubber excited about this because I rate the delicious series as my best work too date... Anyway , I think its time to get to bed and sleep...All I seem to be doing these days is eat , sleep and uhm write and write some more...

Have a nice weekendo everyone !

Love , hugs and sunny with a chance...


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