Sunday, April 10, 2011

My publisher screwed up!

Hi guys

I haven't been online much because I was fuming mad...Yes its true I contemplated long and hard about the whole publishing thing and finally allowed a publisher to publish my books and they screwed up...Mind my language. My 1st edition of Afterlife was published this week in the wrong format a
nd also the unedited version was placed on Kindle. It was luckily pulled and will be
back next week sometime.

Again if you brought the book and hated it. Please let me send you a free copy of the edited version of Afterlife. I really feel bad because of all of this ...


P.S My covers have also been redesigned...Here's a look at the new covers...The pic above is book #1 , Full Moon is book #2 and Revealed is book 3#! They (books 2 and 3) also have new names besides "Afterlife".

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